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Welcome to the official website of Books by Keri. My mission is to empower young women to capture courage and live authentically. 
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Just months before my graduation from Missouri State University in 2018 I discovered a gleaming pull to mentor and empower young women - beginning with those from my hometown of Springfield, MO through the MSU Center for Dispute Resolution's program - Circle for Girls. Once I got started - I didn't want to stop. In addition to my time spent as a facilitator with the Circle for Girls program, I dedicated time to substitute teaching various middle and high schools in and around the Springfield area. After graduation I chased down my dream of moving to Washington, D.C. by landing a job at the Close Up Foundation - an organization who works to inform, inspire, and empower young people from across the country to become actively engaged citizens. My journey has led me here - a place where I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and wanting others to feel the same.
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The Little Blue Book: A Young Woman's Guide to Loving Who You Are

August 1, 2020

The Little Blue Book allows readers to work through 10 different lessons while creating a parallel to their own lives and conclude each chapter by answering sets of probing questions. This way, young women everywhere can see that it's okay to have these conversations, to know that we all go through these experiences, and most importantly that they aren't alone. All while having the comfort to be vulnerable in their own book on their own time.

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I really enjoyed having Keri come and speak to us. She made me realize that we all go through things and that we aren't alone. The main thing I got out of our talk was that we should realize that everyone is going to have an opinion about you…and that some peoples opinions might make you feel great and others might make you feel awful. But we must focus on what we think about ourselves and loving ourselves. We can't let other peoples opinions bother us because it truly doesn't matter one bit.

Sarah - 8th grade


The Little Blue Book has been met with such excitement, openness, appreciation and encouragement. I am honored to be a part of a community which aims to empower the young women of today - our leaders of tomorrow. These engagements have led to features in a number of different articles and media profiles, a few of which are listed below.

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Girls Are Awesome

Click 'Learn More' to gain insight on how I channeled my passion for empowering young women into a personal guide created purposefully for young women ages 13-18.


417 Magazine

The Little Blue Book was highlighted in 'The Heroes Issue' (December 2020) of 417 Magazine.

'Keri Cook, a Springfield boomerang who grew up here and attended Missouri State University before working in Washington, DC and eventually returning to the Ozarks, has recently written and released The Little Blue Book: A Young Woman's Guide to Loving Who You Are. Each chapter tackles a different tough topic before asking questions that encourage the reader to self-reflect…The goal is that The Little Blue Book will instill a sense of confidence in women who are getting ready to navigate adulthood. And, with the holidays just around the corner, the book could make a great gift for a young person in your life who is getting ready to find their place in the world." - page 33


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